Riad Kheirredine is your gateway to Marrakech. Sat in the heart of the medina, it is ideally located to explore this ancient city. From the 11th century Marrakech has been a draw for travellers, an allure which continues to today. Sat at the base of the High Atlas mountain range, this fortress city welcomes the inquisitive traveller.

Step out of the tranquillity of the Riad into the bustling streets and souks. Walk the winding streets of the Old Town, taking in the sights and smells, knowing that a warm welcome and impeccable service awaits you upon your return.


The Riad is the starting and ending point for each adventure. Leave refreshed and travel further afield to discover hidden corners of Morocco, where time seems to race and stand still at the same time. Bury your feet in the hot sands of the Sahara Desert, be pampered by the Ocean waters, explore verdant cities and dusty outcrops.

Take guided tours in the Medina, Botanical tours, Mountains of the Atlas, Ourika valley, Lalla Takerkoust Lake, Essaouira, Sport & Leisure, Tours in the desert, Tours of the Imperial Cities. Wherever your adventure leads you, there is a welcome at the end of your travels at Riad Kheirredine.


The Riad is a house built around a courtyard garden, introspective and intimate. An escape from the busy streets, it offers a warm welcome to all who pass through the door. Riad Kheirredine fuses the patterns, colours and spirit of Morocco with contemporary Italian design. Perfectly balanced and intriguing in every corner, the Riad is calming to the soul and delights all those who stay there.


The word Riad is from the Arabic word meaning “gardens”, and the garden patio is the heart of Riad Kheirredine. The patio is a lush and verdant space, with towering plants and the gentle sound of water from a fountain at the centre. The blue sky is mirrored in the waters of the pool, the air fragrant and cool in the Moroccan heat. The patio is a space to meet, to stop and to enjoy.


Explore Riad Kheirredine and find your corner. Take tea in one of the spectacular courtyard lounges, with high ceilings and Moroccan stucco, or take a book to the sofas by the pool. The Riad is your home during your unforgettable stay. Whether you are making new acquaintances, or seeking solitude, you are sure to find a space as unique as you are.


Watch city life unfurl below from the spectacular terrace. Sip tea or enjoy dinner looking over the rooftops and palm trees to the Atlas Mountains, where snow reigns over the African continent. Sofas and tables make this an ideal place to take tea, enjoy dinner under the stars.