Bazzi: An exclusive apartment in Beijing


The history of Bazzi is the history of a family of artisans with the passion for elegant and exclusive furniture and the desire to spread it around the world. This history begins with a deep knowledge and understanding of a noble material such as wood and a master workmanship in working it, guided by the intelligence of the hands and the foresight of the heart. Bazzi truly love wood, and we have come to know all of its secrets.

Bazzi select the raw materials and patiently wait for years until their natural seasoning. Only then we can begin our work, helped by today’s technology as well as our most time-honored tools: our hands.

Over the years the “workshop” has grown, and has now turned into a “factory of ideas”, where we are able to design and manufacture custom furniture for the varying demands of today’s clients, who are more attentive and demanding than ever. In our archives we have more than 1.200 original drawings of furnishings and hundreds of projects that have created the history of our company.  We jealously guard more than 1.000 samples of models, which are all available to our customers and clients.

Bazzi were born as furniture makers over forty years ago and we will always be furniture makers. Our production relies upon a network of professionals such as architects, carvers, carpenters, upholsterers, decorators and many other artisans who work with us in order to create our furniture pieces.

All our employees believe in the company and know that their work is vital for the company growth. They are aware that the quality that we offer our customers around the world comes from their work, their motivation and the unique atmosphere that only a strong and cohesive team can guarantee.

Bazzi: An exclusive apartment in Beijing

It is no coincidence that in our team we have employees who have been working for the company for more than thirty or forty years, and still contribute every day to add a new chapter to our long history. Thanks to this climate we can face with the utmost serenity the challenges of every day, because we have a group of people who love every aspect of their work.

Bazzi: A magnificent villa in Abu-dhabi

We have explored the styles of the most beautiful and fascinating furnishings from the past, moving through different cultures and traditions, choosing to offer pieces of furniture of the utmost beauty and value, in all their charm.

Our company is able to operate anywhere in the world, thanks to over forty years of experience, gained in the implementation of prestigious and intricate projects, created for the different needs of our cosmopolitan clientele.

In our collections we present furnishings that have enhanced famous abodes and which have been, for their style and quality, culturally relevant and artistically coveted. Our unique interpretation of the styles of the past also includes the customization of furniture upon request from our clients.

Such furnishings can be enjoyed as stand alone pieces to be included in elegant spaces, or can also be wonderfully paired with other furnishings to create an original and bespoke style.

Bazzi: Chelsea, Living in the heart of London
Bazzi: a prestigious abode in San Francisco

Production Cycle 
Historical research

Our identity and style are defined as an artistic contamination of the most important and elegant styles of the past. Thorough historical research has led the company to support and believe in challenging projects that convey experiences and emotions. We interpret interior design as a way of mixing the elegance and style of the past with the exigencies and tastes of today.

Briefing, design, and creation.

Through all our history we have been constantly focusing on the design and creation of customized furnishings, where the customer can select not only sizes and finishing, but style, shape and design as well. We offer our project customer a precise work approach: after an initial briefing the concept of the Villa or the Apartment comes to life. Once approved, we move on to the working project and the drafting of detailed estimates that include inspections, the coordination work, the artistic direction, the installation and the final testing.

Bazzi: living in shanghai

From design to creation, with a single partner

We also produce furnishings starting from third party project design; our mastery as craftsmen makes sure that all the pieces of furniture that come out of our factory are “art that lives in time”, creations of cosy, refined, and elegant interiors, where you can recognize and express yourself as an individual, customized environments that mirror the lifestyle of those who live there. Thanks to years of experience, we carefully select the best wood from around the world, and patiently let it season three to five years. Wood, a noble material par excellence, once in our hands takes shape and becomes the artistic motif expressing the highest level of the art of furniture making.

Unparalleled finishes

We can realize exclusive finishes that are capable of giving the furniture a particular “antique flavor” that otherwise only time can give to things; this is possible thanks to special processes and unique workmanship, performed manually, which make the furniture both glamorous and elegant. Different finishes in gold and silver leaf may offer varying degree of antiquity, depending on the style of the furniture, but always make a difference.

The art of design

Most of our best selling items are now available for 3D renders. We can also prepare exclusive 3D renders for our customers, so that they can have a very clear and detailed idea of how their future home will look like. Everything you see in our render, from furniture to tapestry, from doors to lighting, from parquets to carpets, is purchasable directly from us.

Finishing flexibility

Flexibility is our strength. We think of it as an ability to figure out different interpretations of the same environment and to realize it according to the customer’s tastes and wishes.